Health Gift Store Beauty Your 2018 guide to indulgence is here. Let’s start with your hair!

Your 2018 guide to indulgence is here. Let’s start with your hair!


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L’Oreal Professionnel’s reinvented Mythic Oil


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Mythic Oil Rich Oil


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Mythic Oil Colour Glow


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Mythic Oil Huile Initiale Pre-Shampoo

Mythic Oil Masque


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Mythic Oil Shampoo


It’s official: Your hair has survived yet another holiday season. Every day you battle air pollution, smog, hard water, and a host of environmental stressors, which throws up a whole new set of issues your hair has to contend with. It’s time to deal with the fallout with one small (but very essential) change to your hair care regime. Start by pampering your hair and treating it with the most indulgent care.

L’Oreal Professionnel’s reinvented Mythic Oil in-salon rituals ensure that the power of oils and science come together to give your hair the pampering it needs. Each product in this range is power-packed with a unique blend of oils such as avocado, rice bran, linseed, cranberry, jojoba, colza, and a lot more. Meant to pamper all your senses, this experience leaves your hair looking and feeling like royalty.



The royal oil rituals
Aptly named Royal Oil Rituals – the in-salon services are designed to transport you to a state of relaxation. The two new back bar oils, Huile Initiale, which is a pre-shampoo for thick hair, and Emulsion Ultrafine, a de-tangler and pre-masque for fine to normal hair, make these rituals more effective than ever. Highly concentrated with natural oils, they infuse the right dose of nutrition, leaving your hair nourished with a fluid bounce.

These 40-minute rituals  are all about pampering your hair from its roots to lengths, and are suitable for fine, normal or thick hair. The result? Stunning shine and deep nourishment.

A special treat: As part of the service, you get a stress-relieving hand massage while the products work on your hair.

Rich oil, yes please
If a trip to the salon isn’t on your agenda (let that be your 2018 must-do resolution), get the salon experience in a bottle with the take-it-home range. While the home care range includes a shampoo (250 ml) and a masque (200 ml), we’re fans of Mythic Oil Rich Oil – a versatile oil like no other!

A favourite with hairdressers, Rich Oil is a unique, multi-purpose product. It works perfectly as a finishing serum and is equally effective as pre-wash massage oil. This unique, multi-purpose product is enriched with Argan Oil and Rice Bran Oil and is suited for all types of hair whether you have straight locks or curls.

The Royal Oil Blow-Dry Ritual
To help you win your blow-dryer battle, this express hair pampering service involves a wash and blow-dry that’ll give your hair a satin-like finish.

Luxurious, sensorial and oh-so-indulgent, Mythic Oil will spoil all other hair experiences for you!


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