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Mandy Moore Shuts Down Rumors That She Got a Nose Job

Mandy Moore nose job rumours

Mandy Moore got very candid about plastic surgery when critics started accusing the This Is Us star of getting work done.


“I remember seeing some blog post that said I got a nose job,” Moore, 34, told Popsugar in a recent interview. “I was like, ‘That’s weird — my nose is pretty imperfect.’”

Moore joked that her nose isn’t as flawless as it might seem on camera or on the red carpet, and if she had gotten plastic surgery, she would have changed what she views as imperfections.


Mandy Moore nose job rumoursSteve Granitz/WireImage


“I have a crinkled part underneath the bridge of my nose and I remember laughing like, ‘I feel like I would have fixed that had I had a nose job.’ I don’t know, maybe it was just a weird picture or weird makeup or shading or something,” Moore said.


She added, “People think everyone in Hollywood has had a nose job or some work done, but it’s not always true. People are going to believe what they want, and that’s fine.” 


Although Moore hasn’t done any sort of cosmetic surgery on herself, she isn’t here to shame anyone else that has done it.


“And if having work done is going to make somebody feel better about themselves, then more power to them,” she explained. 


But the actress has admitted she is interested in trying out some sort of cosmetic procedure in the future. “I’m curious as I get older to investigate all the things that are not super invasive, like lasers,” Moore said in an interview with NewBeauty. “I want to try all that stuff. I have to find some friends who are a little bit more in the know and can help me with those sorts of things because I don’t feel like any of my friends are doing that stuff.”

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