Health Gift Store Beauty Everything You Need to Know About Dark Circles Under Eyes

Everything You Need to Know About Dark Circles Under Eyes

Getting rid of dark circles under your eyes - we'll help you

Dark circles around the eyes are a common concern among women of all ages. Fortunately, there are many ways to address them, from brightening eye creams and serums to vitamin-infused concealers. The skin under your eyes is the thinnest on your entire body, so you need to be very gentle with it. Here we show you what’s causing darker skin under your eyes and give you dermatologist-approved information and tips to address it.



Getting rid of dark circles under your eyes - we'll help you


Dark Circles: What Really Causes Them and How to Deal


Periorbital hyperpigmentation, also known as dark circles, is a relatively common condition that many individuals face on a daily basis (no pun intended). And while it’d be nice to be able to say getting enough sleep could cure all of your concerns, it’s not always that easy. In fact, there is a multitude of reasons for those pesky dark circles and under-eye discoloration that are causing you grief.

5 Ways Lack of Sleep Wrecks Your Skin, Hair and Nails


While pulling an occasional all-nighter isn’t so bad, constantly depriving yourself of sleep can put your body in a constant state of stress. Sleep deprivation, according to plastic surgeon and dermatologist Dr. Mary Lynn Moran, MD, causes an elevation of cortisol, the stress hormone, interfering with our bodies’ ability to mend itself overnight. As the body’s largest organ, skin is usually where the first signs of damage appear, and we’re not just talking about dark circles and eye bags. Here are just some of the ways insufficient sleep can wreak havoc on your appearance.


How to Care for Delicate Under Eye Skin


Your eyes may be the windows to your soul, but the skin underneath them gives a clear picture of your age. This thin, delicate skin is some of the first to show signs of aging. Many assume that all skin is the same and wonder why products formulated for specific parts of the body are even necessary. But as it turns out, this area deserves special treatment to combat typical problems of dark circles, wrinkles, dryness and swelling.


6 Dark Circles Solutions Dermatologists Swear By


From DIY treatments that involve cold tea bags to high-tech devices that promise to erase evidence of sleep deprivation, you’ll try anything to get rid of dark circles under your eyes. The good news is that even dermatologists struggle with this issue—and they know a thing or two about how to deal with it. But the first step? It’s understanding what causes it in the first place.


The Best Eye Creams for Your Under-Eye Woes and Budget


Whether it’s offering a sneak peek into someone’s soul or letting the world know you’ve been spending your nights binging on Netflix instead of clocking in some quality sleep, trust the eyes to say it all. As the thinnest and most sensitive skin on your body, the area around your eyes is the first to show signs of aging and the consequences of inadequate sleep, squinting and sun damage. Needless to say, whether you’re in your 20s or 50s, the skin surrounding your peepers needs an extra dose of TLC. And that’s where eye creams come in


Top Vitamins for Preventing Under-Eye Circles


While concealer is your best bet to camouflaging their appearance, some topical vitamin treatments, a regular moisturizing routine and a healthy lifestyle may help keep fatigue, hyperpigmentation and dry skin around the eyes at bay. Here are the top nutrients your skin needs to brighten your eye area.


Tips and Techniques to Reduce Dark Circles


Aside from brightening eye creams, there are other things you can do to diminish those pesky dark under-eye circles. From applying sunscreen regularly to removing your eye makeup properly, here are some tips on how to help your eye creams brighten your eye area.


7 Daily Beauty Habits That Are Aging Your Eyes


True: Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day for a good night’s sleep. Add genetics, gravity, stress and years of squinting and smiling and what you get are crow’s feet, dark circles and under-eye puffiness—factors that instantly add years to your appearance. But these aren’t the only things that are aging your eyes; some of our everyday beauty habits are also partly to blame. Learn what you may be doing wrong—and the steps you need to take to restore your eyes’ youthful glow.


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