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Bounce Yourself Fit In A Flash This Spring

Get your spring on by embracing the resurgence of the mini trampoline – this is one rebound decision you’ll never regret!


Take advantage of the mini trampoline’s comeback and you could be positively jumping for joy. New research on this form of exercise – known as rebounding – shows it can boost your happy hormones and fitness levels in as little as five minutes a day.


The best kind of exercises for women to stay fit and healthy are weight-bearing ones, which improve muscle tone, maintain lean mass and help with long-term bone health. Rebounding is unique in that it counts as weight-bearing, and is also low impact, giving you an effective all-over full-body workout without stressing your joints. Even NASA says rebounding is ‘the most efficient and effective exercise yet devised!’



The technique doesn’t involve any daunting flips or tucks like you’d see people
do on a regular trampoline. Rebounding is much simpler to master, while also being more
effective for toning up your muscles and core.




Running on the spot on your rebounder is a great low-impact alternative to traditional road running. This joint-friendly cardio training will work your core and pelvic floor, and improve your joint stability.


Why Bouncing is so good for you - DOSE


● Alternate 30 seconds of fast running with slower paced running with a high knee lift. Aim for 3 reps.


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